Types of Belts and How to Wear Them

You can always find guides in selecting the belt kind of belt to wear like a pro. There are certainly a number to choose from when you try to scout for one and you might start to wonder which from among them should you pick?

There are only two types of belts, basically, that every man should own. Both should all be narrow instead of those obnoxious thick belts which gives the impression that you are not simply holding your pants up and tying together the upper and lower half of your outfit but equipping yourself to hang something while you work. We see them often use by construction workers or policemen that uses them to hang their harness so as to free both hands. You would instead want to appear clean with a functional solid colored belt that you can wear with all your trousers. All the belts that you need is a narrow leather belt and another narrow canvas belt. You can click this link  https://www.amazon.com/Mission-Belt-Mens-Leather-Ratchet/dp/B00PKWIJ92 for more info.

IF you want to decide on what belt color to choose start with the colors of your leather shoes and your canvas shoes or sneakers for casual occasions. If you are wearing leather shoes then you should wear a leather belt - leather should match leather. This rues should stay with you in dress and casual wear. So you should match a brown leather belt with your brown leather shoes, and a black leather belt with your black leather shoes. You wear a glossy belt if your shoes are highly polishes, and a matter belt if you are wearing matte shoes. When you are wearing casual shoes that are not made of leather, you have more freedom to work with. Cloth shoes can be paired with cloth belts of a different color.

When it comes to buckles, there are a few common ways of approaching the basic task of holding your pants up. Most belts fall into either a buckle with a tongue, with a hook, with a sliding latch.

Some men are not even sure in what direction the belt should wind. They wonder if the best should wind around the waist clockwise so that belt ends up on the right hand side of the buckle, or the other way around with the belt ending up on the left hand side of the buckle. As a note British and American armies buckle their belts so that the buckle ends up on the left and belts fitted with western style buckle are made so that the buckle also ends up on the left. So as a rule, the men's way to wear a belt is with the belt on the left hand side of the buckle. But then again, you should wear your belt the way you are most comfortable with. Please view this site  http://www.ehow.com/how_5163931_wear-mens-belts.html for further details.